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    Sealants are placed on the chewing surface of back teeth to help protect them from decay.

    Why Might My Child Need Sealant?

    Thorough brushing and flossing helps remove food and plaque from teeth, but they can’t reach all the way into deep grooves. While fluoride helps prevent decay and helps protect the surfaces of teeth, dental sealants add extra protection for grooved and pitted areas.

    What To Expect During A Sealant Procedure

    Placing dental sealants is doesn’t require drilling or numbing medications.

    • Tooth preparation – the hygienist will polish the surface of the tooth. Then they will isolate and dry the tooth before etching the surface.
    • Sealant application – the hygienist will apply the dental sealant material to the tooth. A light will be used to bond the sealant to the tooth.
    • Evaluation – finally, the dental hygienist and dentist will evaluate the dental sealant. Once it has hardened you can chew on the tooth again.

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